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Our mission is to remove the borders and obstacles of the tattooing world

Inkspot, an easy-to-use app that allows tattoo artists to book guest spots in studios anywhere in the world
Allowing artists to travel and explore, while developing your tattoo style through the influence of artists and cultures worldwide
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We make guesting easy


Step 1

Find the perfect studio with our advanced tattoo studio search tool


Step 2

Select the available days you would like to guest


Step 3

Book it! Once approved, get ready to create stunning custom tattoo designs

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Reasons to love Inkspot


Tattoo anywhere in the world

Either across the globe or in the next city over, book wherever you wish


Reliable and unbiased

Use Inkspot and stop wasting time with platforms that prioritize paid content


Book spots in just three steps

Save time to concentrate on what really matters, your tattoo art


New cities, new territory

Broaden your horizons, meet new clients and work alongside local artists


Showcase your talent

Show off your designs on your personal tattoo portfolio and get booked


Enjoy secure payments

Transparent transactions means you'll always know what you're paying


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We empower the tattoo industry help artists spread their wings worldwide

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